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    The BWDS is an independently working organisation, not related to any official instance, uniting scientists and practitioners in order to promote research and to exchange information in the field of wildlife diseases in Belgium. ...

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    • Wildlife mortality events !!!


    Important wildlife mortality events in which large numbers of animals are found death require thorough expert investigation for risk assessment and surveillance purposes. Anyone observing abnormal wildlife mortality incidents is requested to communicate this urgently to the BWDS who will take the necessary steps to contact the experts of concern and the competent authorities where necessary. Furthermore, the BWDS will try to coordinate the communication about the incident.









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    - Ebola virus disease,Guinea: bat eating banned

    - Contrasting patterns in mammal-bacteria coevolution: Bartonella and Leptospira in bats and rodents

    - Intra- and inter-species transmission of Mycobecterium bovis in South Africa: are we loosing the battle ?

    - North Atlantic migratory bird flyways provide routes for intercontinental movement of AI viruses

    - Scientists complete global inventory of flu strains in birds

    - First isolation of reticuloendotheliosis virus from mallards in China

    - Melting arctic ice releases deadly seal parasite (Sarcocystis pinnipedi)

    - Mycobacterium ulcerans in Australian possum species

    -MERS coronavirus in dromedary camels (1)

    -MERS coronavirus in dromedary camels (2)

    -Direct camel to human transmission of MERS

    - Eagle and grebe bird kills spur worry about WNV mutations



      Latest news !!!




      - Winter mortality due to Trichomonas in wood pigeons

      - Complete Genome Sequence of a Papillomavirus Isolated from the European Mole

      - Edwardsiella tarda sepsis in a live-stranded sperm whale

      - Expermimental infection of carrion crows with 2 European WNV strains

      - Evaluation of Culicoides populations in the Hautes Fagnes

      - Bee crisis, a challenge for apiculture (article in Dutch)




      - Indigenous infection with Francisella tularensis in The Netherlands

      - First case of tularaemia in 60 years in the Netherlands in a brown hare (Lepus europaeus)

      - Tularemia detected in a brown hare, The Netherlands

      - Neospora caninum and Toxoplasma gondii in brain tissue of feral rodents and insectivores caught on farms in the Netherlands

      - Luxemburg woman gets bitten by a rabid bat




      - Invasive Platydemus manokwari threatens French land snails

      - Giardia and Cryptosporidium in stranded common dolphins, Galicia, Spain

      - Isolation of Mycobacterium caprae from red deer in Italy

       - Vaccinate sheep to protect (Pyrenean) chamois

      - Viral metagenomics of French bat species, identification of new viruses

      - Ljungan virus and adenovirus in Italian squirel populations

      - Fatal morbillivirus infection in bottlenose dolphin, Canary Islands, Spain

      - Chlamydia in free-living small mammals in Europe and Afghanistan

      - Actic lineage canine distemper virus causes death in Appenine wolves (Italy)

      - Gastrointestinal helminth fauna of mountain hares, NW Italian Alps

      -ASF in Poland

      - Squirrelpox virus: prevalence, transmission, environm. degradation 

      - Piroplasmosis in wildlife in the Italian Alps (Babesia, Theileria) 

      -African Swine Fever in wild boar, Lithuania (1) 

      -African Swine Fever in wild boar, Lithuania  (2)

      - Brucellosis in Alpine ibex in the Bargy massif (Haute-Savoie, Fr)


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