MEETING 26/09/2023

The study day takes place in:

Ecotron UHasselt

Field Research Centre (FRC)

Zetellaan 52, Maasmechelen

• Programme:

10h30 Welcome

10h45 Ecotron research about impacts of climate change on ecosystem functioning (Prof. Dr. Nadia Soudzilovskaia - ECOTRON)

11h05 Wildlife (Prof. Dr. Natalie Beenaerts - FRC)

11h25 Ziekten bij (honing)bijen (Dierenarts Cato Van Herzele - UGent)

11h45 De wilde hamster, Cricetus cricetus (Sanne Van Bonink - INBO)

12h00 Closure of meeting & lunch (at own expense)

13h00 Guided visit of Ecotron (approx. 1 hour

MEETING 16/12/2022

The study day takes place in:

Vogel- en Wilde dieren opvangcentrum (VOC)

Nieuwpoortsesteenweg 642, Oostende

• Programme:

10h00 Welcome

10h15 VOC Oostende & Avian Influenza (Claude Velter/Isabelle Allemeersch - VOC Oostende)

10h30 Avian influenza in colonies of seagulls and stars on the Belgian coast (Wouter Courtens - INBO)

11h00 Sewer rats in Antwerp (Sophie Gryseels - University Antwerp)

11h30 Avian Influenza: update (Mieke Steensels - Sciensano NRL) - Cancelled

12h00 Closure of meeting & sandwiches

13h00 Guided visit of the VOC Oostende

MEETING 21/10/2021

• The next study day will take place in:

Driepikkelstraat 32, 9030 Mariakerke (Gent)

• Programme: 

10h00 Welcome
10h15 Introduction & Presentation of the new BWDS board
10h30 The risk of lead and cadmium contamination in big game meat (Anneleen Rutten – INBO)
11h00 Covid 19 and mammals (Luc De Bruyn – INBO)
11h30 Taxidermy : “A Job Apart” (Frauke Vandekerckhove)

12h00 Closure of meeting & sandwiches (offered by BWDS)
13h00 Guided visit of the Bourgoyen-Ossemeersen:
nature monument in the Leie valley, a very birdrich area in Flanders

MEETING 13/05/2015

• The Belgian Wildlife disease Society invites you for its 1st first meeting of 2015. This study day will take place on May 13th, 2015 at 10 am in the Visitors Center of the Bourgoyen-Ossemeersen Natural Reserve, at the western border of Ghent.

route description

• Programme (all presentations are in Dutch)

9u.30:  Admission and Coffee

10u00:  Short introduction

10u05: Bart De Muynck (city of Ghent):  De Bourgoyen-Ossemeersen:  kennismaking

10u35: Geert Spanoghe (INBO): Vogels in de Bourgoyen-Ossemeersen

11u05: Koen Van Den Berge and Jan Gouwy (INBO):  De wolf in Vlaanderen: mythe of realiteit ?

Sandwich lunch

14u00: Guided visit to the Natural Reserve Bourgoyen-Ossemeersen (2 hours)

For the visit to the reserve please bring your binoculars and, depending on the weather, your hiking shoes or boots and a rain coat

• Participation is free of costs but we insist you to register your attendance via

We are looking forward to meeting you in Ghent on Wednesday the 13th of May!

The BWDS team

MEETING 15/10/2014

Belgian Wildlife Disease Society: 2nd BWDS general meeting 2014

Study day at Natuurhulpcentrum vzw Opglabbeek, 15th of October 2014

Accredited by the Veterinary College (NGROD)


· Venue : Natuurhulpcentrum vzw Opglabbeek 2009 - Industrieweg Zuid 2051 Opglabbeek

Route description


• Programme:

09.30-10.00: Registration

10.00-10.30: “ Algemene inleiding ” door voorzitter Sil Janssen

10.30-11.15: “ Hoe vangen en hanteren we wilde dieren ”

Frederik Thoelen (Bioloog)

11.15-11.45: “ Stress factor bij jonge dieren en werk op de Intensive care afdeling ”

Frederik Thoelen

11.45-12.30: “Decision making in wild animal care “

Stef Michels / Roxanne Van der Aa (Dierenartsen)

12.30-14.00: LUNCH (offered by BWDS)

14.00-15.30: Visit of the centre and demonstrations

16.00: End of the day

MEETING 24/04/2014

Belgian Wildlife Disease Society: 1st BWDS general meeting 2014

Study day at the Univ. Liege, Sart-Tilman, 24th of April 2014


Venue : ULg, Sart-Tilmant, Faculté Vétérinaire, Bat 43b

Accredited by the Veterinary College (NGROD) EBP: 2, Number: EBP/N/2014/023.


Download invitation & map



09.30-10.00: Registration

10.00-10.30: “Comparison of direct diagnostic Tools for detection of Mycobacterium avium subsp. paratuberculosis in wil red deer (Cervus elaphus).” Dr. Rosario Volpe, DMV (ULg)

10.30-11.00: “Hepatitis E virus infection of wild boar (Sus scrofa) in Southern Belgium.” Dr. Damien Thiry, ULg

11.00-11.30: “Home range and movement of red deer and wild boar in South Belgium, an overview.” Ir. Alain Licoppe (DEMNA-SPW)

11.30-12.00: “Overview of the wildlife disease surveillance activities maintained by the Agency for Nature and Forest.” Dr. Muriel Vervaeke (ANB)

12.00-13.30: LUNCH in Faculty RESTO (offered by the BWDS)

13.30-15.30: Visit of installations and didactical necropsy

16.00: end of the day


Confirm your participation before 15/04/2014


Route description


avenue de Cureghem, 4000 Liège ou 4031 Angleur

Coming from Brussels (E40) or Namur (E42)

- follow direction E25 – Luxembourg

- leave the motorway at exit n°40 : Embourg

- turn right until the traffic lights

- at the traffic lights turn left and follow the direction ULg – CHU

- follow this route for 4,5 Km until the sign BWDS and turn left

- follow the signBWDS Parking 71

- when Parking 71 is full, follow the sign BWDS Parking P75

- the meeting will take place at the amphitheater C (follow BWDS Meeting)




MEETING 19/09/2013

The Belgian Wildlife Disease Society invites you to its 2nd general meeting for 2013, at Campus Drie Eiken, Antwerp University on 19 September at 10 am

Two presentations are scheduled :


(1) Prof. Cristophe Casteleyn : Manipulation  techniques for restraint in hedghehogs (egel, hérisson): possibilities to block temporarily the nerves responsable for “curling-up”, using local anesthesia. Vascular preparations of hedgehogs will be used to demonstrate these techniques.


(2) Diederik Strubbe: Presentation about rose ringed parakeets (halsbandparkiet; perruche à collier) in Belgium (Brussels) and also on the isle of Mauritius where they may constitute a reservoir for pathogens of indigenous psittaciforms.


The meeting will include a short guided tour  of the department Veterinary Anatomy at the UA.

venue and route description

map campus


Lunch can be taken on the campus.


Please send a confirmation to if you plan to attendthe meeting


The BWDS board



MEETING 29/05/2013

The Belgian Wildlife Disease Society invites you to its first general meeting for 2013 which will take place on Wednesday 29th of May, at 10 a.m. in The Agro Biotech Faculty of the Liège University (ULG) in Gembloux.

Address: Gembloux Agro-Bio Tech (Université de Liège)

           Passage des Déportés, 2,  B-5030 Gembloux

route description

campus map

-->  Location of the meeting: Auditorium ZL (1st floor): use wooden staircase near to the monastery (this is n° 9 on the campus map).

detailed programme

Lunch can be taken at the restaurant of the faculty.

If you would like to attend, please inform us:

Kind regards and looking forward to seeing you in Gembloux !


The BWDS board



MEETING 20/12/2012

We invite you for the next general BWDS meeting, the last one for this year. This time we are welcomed at the INBO, Institute for Nature and Forestry (Flemish Community), at their site in Geraardsbergen (Eastern-Flanders), on Tuesday, 20 December at 10 a.m. route description

Dr. ir. Jim Casaer will first explain the role of the INBO in wildlife study and management, and then will tell us all about wild boar in Flanders. The second part of the meeting we will go for a guided tour of the labs.

presentation: Wild boars in Flanders a recent story

more presentations about wild boars

MEETING 11/09/2012

The second general meeting of the Belgian Wildlife Disease Society will take place on Tuesday September 11th, 2012 at the Queen Astrid Military Hospital, Bruynstraat 1, B 1120 Neder-Over-Heembeek, in the "Salle polyvalente HMRA (bloc A-1)/ Polyvalente zaal HMRA (blok A-1)", from 10 am to 1 pm.


Four presentations are scheduled :

- A poster presentation about serologic findings in roe deer in Flanders from 2008 to 2010

  (Paul Tavernier, Wildpad)

- Transmission cycles of Borrelia bacteria in a European bird tick community

  (Dieter Heylen, UA)

- Ticks and Lyme disease in Belgium: a review of current knowledge

  (Valérie Obsomer, UCL)

- TBE diagnosis read more

  (Vanessa Suin, WIV-ISP)

In order to have an idea of the number of participants (and sandwiches at lunchtime) please inform us about your presence


MEETING 28/03/2012

The first general assemblee for 2012 will be held on Wednesday 28 March, 10:00 to 13:30, at the Food Safety Center (FAVV- AFSCA),  Kruidtuinlaan / Av. du Jardin Botanique 55, 1000 Brussels, Room K05/120321,  5th floor.

route description


Three speakers are scheduled:

-Dr. Victor Luyasu (UCL) with a presentation about borelliosis (Lyme disease)


-Stefan Roels (CODA-CERVA) who will present an update about the most recent modalities for the OIE notification of wildlife diseases

read more


-Leen Claes (ITM) Trichinella surveillance in foxes

read more



MEETING 19/12/2011

We invite you for the 3rd and last BWDS general meeting of 2011. In contrast to the usual "central" locations for our meetings, this time we have chosen the wildlife rescue centre of Ostend (VOC Oostende) where we will have the opportunity to visit the new rehabilitation facilities for oiled sea birds.


The meeting will take place on Friday, December 16th, at 10 a.m. The centre is located between Ostend and Middelkerke, close to the "Provinciaal domein Raversijde" and the "Prins Karel memorial"


route description


The agenda consists in a presentation about the problems of oil contamination on sea and the treatment of oiled sea birds. The presentation is given by Annemarie Warendorff, who is the cooperating vet at the  rescue centre. Following the presentation, a 1 h visit to the rehabilitation facilities for sea birds is scheduled. Finally a (30 min.) film about the recent oil spill disaster in the Gulf of Mexico and its impact on pelicans, will be presented.


After the lunch pause an administrative part of the meeting is scheduled during which the main agenda points will be:

(1) the evaluation of the most recent BWDS Symposium

(2) the preparation of the next OIE notification (at the beginning of 2012) about wildlife diseases.

Any others agenda points can be added.


Please send us an e-mail if you will attend the meeting


Kind regards and looking forward to seeing you in Ostend.


The BWDS board



MEETING 21/06/2011

We invite you cordially to our second general meeting for 2011 which will take place on Tuesday 21 June 2011 at 10am (until 1 pm). The location this time is at the INBO (Research Institute for Nature and Forest), Kliniekstraat 25, 1070 Brussels

route description

We have scheduled two speakers:


1) Dr. Jo Maris (Dierengezondheidszorg Vlaanderen: DGZ) : Anaplasmosis


2) Dr. Walter Fagot (Gent) : Forensic entomology


The presentations will be followed by a short "administrative chapter"



MEETING 25/03/2011

The Belgian Wildlife Disease Society invites you for its first general assembly of this year on Friday, 25 March 2011 from 10 am to 1 pm. This time the meeting will take place in the building FoodSafetyCenter (FAVV-AFSCA), Boulevard du Jardin Botanique / Kruidtuinlaan 55, Brussels, meeting room KO/120321.

route description


The agenda includes two presentations by invited speakers and an administrative part during which the new BWDS website will be presented among other subjects.


The two invited speakers with their respective subjects are:


- Dr. Reginald De Deken (Institute of Tropical Medicine, ITM) : 

Biting midges and the bluetongue outbreak in Northwestern Europe

- Dr. Ir. Jim Casaer (Research Institute for Nature and Forest, INBO):

Management of game species in Flanders

- Dr. Stefan Roels (Veterinary and Agrochemical Research Centre, CODA-CERVA):

Overview OIE Global Conference on Wildlife Paris 23-25 February 2011